Pre Purchase Pool Inspections, Sunshine Coast, QLD

If you are considering purchasing a property with a swimming pool and/or a spa, for peace of mind we offer a Pre-Purchase Pool Inspection service.

A comprehensive inspection of the pool and equipment is carried out and a full report provided advising the condition of:

  • The pool interior surface- visual inspection, checked for cracks, stains, blackspot and osmosis.
  • The pool coping - checked for cracks, degradation, distortion and subsidence.
  • Waterline tiles - checked for cracked or damaged tiles, staining and calcium deposits.
  • Main drain - condition checked and cover in place.
  • Skimmer box -  condition checked and basket, vacuum plate & lid in good order.
  • Pool pump - condition checked, checked for excessive noise, leaks, lid and basket in good order. 
  • Pool filter - condition checked, Multiport Valve checked (if applicable).
  • Chlorinator - condition checked, salt cells checked (if applicable), chlorine/acid feeder system checked (if applicable)
  • Lights - operation checked and signs of water ingress.
  • Return eyeballs - Condition checked
  • Pool cleaner - Condition checked
  • Cleaning and maintenance equipment - Condition checked
  • The pool gate - checked if self-closing and self-latching and if measurements are compliant.
  • CPR sign - checked if compliant to current requirements.
  • Water balance - levels checked on total and free chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid (stabiliser), saturation index, copper, iron, salt/minerals.

A comprehensive report is provided with recommendations on what treatment is required to correct pool water chemistry balance and necessary repairs or replacements to pool equipment.